Seven Southern Enterprises Selected Top 100 in Lighting and Lighting Industry

2019-08-02 00:00

Reporters learned from the South China Sea Lighting Industry Association yesterday that seven South China Sea enterprises, such as Igor Electric Co., Ltd., were selected as the top 100 LED lighting industry in China in 2018.

It is understood that "China's top 100 LED lighting industry" to measure sales performance. Reporters sorted out the list and found that the total revenue of the seven selected South China Sea enterprises was more than 200 million yuan, of which Igor Electric Co., Ltd. ranked 30 with sales performance of 108.82.7 million yuan.

The top 100 enterprises were selected from more than 30,000 lighting and lighting electrical enterprises in China, covering chip, packaging, lighting applications, lighting, electrical and other fields. Since the list was released, Foshan Lisheng Photoelectric Co., Ltd. has been listed in it every year.

Lisheng Optoelectronics has rooted in the South China Sea for more than 10 years. Its products are not only leading in the sales of mainstream e-commerce platforms, but also exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. It has become a high-quality supplier of many internationally renowned enterprises. These achievements can not be separated from the enterprise's attention to innovation, said Wang Qingping, chairman of Lisheng Optoelectronics, the company's first profit since its inception has been fully invested in the research and development of new products, and now the company invests not less than 10 million dollars in research and development every year.

This year Lisheng Optoelectronics ranked 86th with revenue of 337.14 million yuan. Wang Qingping said: "Selection not only represents the recognition of the enterprise by the industry, but also can enhance the visibility of the enterprise and publicize the brand of the enterprise."

The listed companies account for more than half of the listed companies. In addition to the familiar A-share listed companies Igor Electric Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Shellett Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., there are also new three-board listed companies Foshan Limei Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Kang Rong Hi-Tech New Materials Co., Ltd. 。

On the same day, the organizer also released for the first time a list of the top ten brands in China's lighting industry in 2018. The list was selected after a comprehensive consideration of more than ten indicators, such as sales performance, dot coverage, number of product patents, brand exposure, market activity and consumer awareness. Foshan Lighting ranked third among them, with Reiss Lighting and Opel Lighting ranking first and second respectively. Lighting.

List of selected enterprises

Igor Electric Co., Ltd. Foshan Nanhai Jiamei Times Lighting Co., Ltd. Guangdong Shellett Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong Zhongzhu Tianyou Aesthetic Lighting Co., Ltd. Foshan Lisheng Photoelectric Co., Ltd. Guangdong Kang Rong High Tech New Materials Co., Ltd. Foshan Limei Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

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