Lighting options, what do you know

2019-08-02 00:00

The color of ceiling, wall decoration, floor and even furniture will affect the function of lighting, so we must not neglect the choice of lighting. If the main hue of the home environment (mainly the color of the wall) is the light color system with high brightness, such as white, beige, tender yellow, very light grey, you can choose relatively low brightness and soft lighting to avoid dazzling light; if the wall with low brightness, such as dark blue, jujube red and other deep colors, you need to cooperate with a higher brightness. Lighting.

The overall furniture style and arrangement determines the style and orientation of the lighting. The insurance method is modern with modern, classical with classical, of course, there are also masters with modern and classical mix and can achieve a good effect, but must be carefully considered, classical and modern must echo. If they are mixed up, they will lose their taste. The dimensions and heights of sofas, tea tables, dining tables, desks, beds, bedside cabinets and other furniture are based on the dimensions, heights and orientations of desk lamps, chandeliers and floor lamps cooperating with them. The scattering direction of the lamps should not be too convergent. Chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and other lighting functions are different, light intensity is weak, assembly settings will cause light disorder, ambiguity, damage the living atmosphere. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the orientation of lamps and lanterns to be concave, convex and orderly, not too concentrated in a certain level of height, in order to avoid glare and disorder.

Saving electricity is a necessary consideration. There is no better way to save electricity than to use natural light, so the setting of lighting should also cooperate with it. We should first understand the orientation of furniture, the orientation and size of windows. Daytime illumination. If adjustable lighting is used, night lighting and daytime natural light sources can be co-ordinated to meet the two needs.

It is also important to arrange the power supply in the room. Without enough power supply, no matter how beautiful the lighting is, it can only be "a place where heroes are useless". Lighting and other indoor electrical appliances should be "happy in heaven" to avoid potential safety hazards due to circuit overload. In a word, all indoor lamps and lanterns should be considered as a whole, planned in advance, and then purchased and equipped. Don't be arbitrary and half-hearted.

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